How to Make Your Home Stand Out During a Virtual House Tour

The real estate industry has been shifting to a digital landscape over the years, but no one expected the digital revolution to happen so quickly. In 2020, 63% of homebuyers across the US housing market made an offer on a house sight-unseen, thanks to virtual house tours. Even though it’s a seller’s market, it’s just as important to make your home shine on virtual house tours so you can sell your house for top dollar.

Welcome to the OBS Blog: How Clutter Affects the Mind and Our Approach to Organizing!

Welcome to our Blog! We are so excited to give you the inside scoop on how to get organized and stay organized! The Organize by Sophia Blog is your free DIY resource for organizing your home on your own. Did I mention this is free? There is so much about the art of organizing that is underestimated and often taken for granted. So, this blog is dedicated to teaching you about “the real” of what it means to transform your life and your mind by committing to an organized lifestyle.