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You’re a successful woman with a packed schedule. Productivity and peace of mind are your top priorities. Let’s walk you through how our services optimize space usage so life can flow smoothly and you can be more productive

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Home Organizing & Decluttering

Your life is unique so we tailor every session to what matters most to you. We arrive at your home 15 minutes early so we can conduct a walk-through of your space and recap the objective for the day. This has proven to be such a helpful feature because it allows you time to express any new concerns, review our plan-of-action and ask any questions that you have before we get started. 

If we’re working in a small space or just need to create more openness in a particular room, we’ll start by staging your furniture. This creates more space for you to freely move through your home, do the things you love without hassle and gives us an amazing foundation to work with. The decluttering process is next if that is something your home needs. This includes sorting items into piles of keep, sell, or donate, ensuring we place the sell and donate items directly into a bag. 

Lastly, your “keep” items are neatly stored and organized in a way that is functional for your lifestyle while being aesthetically pleasing. We show you how to maintain the organizing systems that we have put in place if you are interested, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of our services long after we’re gone. 

Our organizing sessions last anywhere from 4-8 hours and can require 1-10 sessions or more depending on your needs. Additionally, you will receive a list of storage solutions that will be needed for our sessions (if applicable) so you can purchase and already have them assembled when we arrive. 

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Moves & Relocation

Pre-Move Preparation: We are move experts! To make move day go smoothly, planning is the number one key. That’s why we took time to perfect our move preparation and logistic management process. When prepping, the first thing we do is make sure that you have everything you need. We send you a list of move supplies based on the kind of items that you have so that you can purchase everything and have them ready for packing day(s)! While prepping, we refer back to the photos and notes from our discovery process so that we can identify where to start. On a Google Doc, we draft something called a “Plan-of-Action” where we outline which rooms need to be packed, what categories of items you have and how long each category should take to pack. We also include any special requests or notes that you have provided to us. We print this document and work from it on packing day! This keeps us on track during the session and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. For instance, if you own jewelry, we’ll come prepared with jewelry packing tools to ensure that none of your precious necklaces, anklets, etc. get tarnished or tangled while being transported. 

Packing, Unpacking & Logistic Management: When we arrive, we conduct a 15 minute walk-through of the space and recap the focus for the day. Then we get started right on time, beginning with the room noted first on the “Plan-of-Action” document. Packing sessions last anywhere from 6-10 hours and may require 1 to 5 days depending on the size of your home. We work as a team of two or more for most packing sessions ensuring to consult with you on what you would like to donate or sell during the decluttering process. Like items that are found in different areas of the home can be combined into one box/category depending on your categorization preferences. All fragile items are wrapped with packing paper or bubble wrap and placed in boxes in an order that reduces the chance of breakage and damages. Boxes are accurately labeled and stacked out of your way until it’s time for the movers to take them. For unpacking, we again come prepared with a plan-of-action document that keeps us on track for the day. We ensure that all storage solutions are there and assembled before we get started, and we make suggestions on furniture placement to fit your lifestyle, the shape of your home and to maximize space. 

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Virtual Organizing

Virtual organizing gives you an opportunity to receive guidance and motivation on your next DIY organization project. This is perfect for you if you prefer organizing or packing for a move on your own. But, you find yourself struggling to figure out the best way to store things. It’s also for you if you have a hard time letting things go and need help with parting ways with your possessions that no longer serve you. Additionally, if you don’t know where to start with packing or unpacking for your move, our virtual sessions will show you exactly what to do and how to do it so you can feel less stressed and get more things done. We start by first having a discovery call to determine if your project is suitable for virtual sessions and to learn more about your goals for your space. There, we will assess what storage solutions or number of boxes you will need to purchase based on the volume of things you have before our first session. Our virtual services include meeting on a video call for 1-4 hours to walk you through how to tackle each space. You will walk away from each session with clarity on how to store your things,  you will have completed an area or room, and have direction on how to move forward with us or on your own. 

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Our monthly memberships are for you if you are a workaholic and don’t have time or interest in organizing your home regularly. You love the idea of being organized but the painstaking process of decluttering and putting things away gives you anxiety and quite frankly bores you to death. Yet, when you attempt to function in a forest of unfolded clothes, a desk of piled-high paperwork and cook in a kitchen where everything is literally everywhere--you don’t seem to get too far. Have us come in once a month, bi-monthly or even quarterly to whip things back in shape so you can feel more at peace knowing everything has a place. Included in this service is decluttering, organizing, creating new organization systems, maintaining your current organization systems, labeling, and staging your space to fit your current life needs. Pricing for this service is discounted and is billed bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly depending on the frequency of our sessions. Our package options include 4 hours, 8 hours or 16 hours of organizing time with a team of 2 or more. 

Our Process



We're all about getting to know you before we step foot into your home to customize how we serve you. So, we start by a free video call meeting to discuss your exact needs and your end goal.This is a casual call where we get to know you and your stuff, your habits and objections to professional organizing. We’ll discuss our process, capturing photos for the estimate, our pricing and session availability.



The booking process is really simple. You send us photos or we come out for a paid in-person consultation in order to draft a project estimate. Once all questions are answered and you’re ready to move forward, we send you an electronic work agreement and invoice to complete. Payment is expected to book your session, however, for larger projects, a 50% deposit is accepted to begin.


Planning & Preparing

As organizers, we understand the importance of preparation. It saves you money and saves us time and reduces error. That’s why we prepare a plan-of-action document for each session that outlines what needs to be done and how long it should take. We also source the exact storage solutions that you will need and send you a list of those items to purchase and have assembled prior to our sessions.


Transforming Your Life!

This is when we take you on a journey of transformation. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current organization systems, create new ones, work on your habits, or get advice on how to start and execute a DIY project, we’ve got you. Our process is detailed, gentle, and efficient. Each session will leave you amazed at the puzzles we’ve been able to solve so you can feel more at-home, at home.

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This is the part that our clients love the most…

Organizing and packing your stuff is a super personal process. So, we make it easy for you to feel comfortable about the whole thing by assuring you that you aren’t being judged for the state of your home. If that is a concern, we understand that you may feel embarrassed but you’ll always be reminded that your secrets are safe with us. Also, we tailor the session to your needs! For example, maybe you’re tired from a long week and want nothing to do with the organization process--no worries! We’ll handle it all on our own (except for discussing things you’d like to get rid of). That way you can focus on unwinding and self-care. Or, maybe you’re looking for long-term results and would love to change your habits that have consistently led to chronic disorganization. In that case, we would work alongside you to get things done quicker and teach you how to maintain the systems that we’ve put in place. We are your partners through it all!