Bedroom Unpacking for Manhattan Couple

New York, NY

June 25, 2020
Well cleaned Luxury Room in Manhattan
This simple Manhattan couple needed their things unpacked and set up into their new apartment before work resumed the next week!

The husband of this couple is a busy Vice President at a major asset management company in NYC and he and his wife needed to get moved in and set up in the new place in time for work the next week. The good news is that he reached out to us several months in advance so we were able to plan the entire move and execute it in the 2-day period that they had available which also happened to be the time span we estimated for the job.

Storage Solutions for a Sustainable Finish

One of the things we did to make the transition to this new apartment easier for this couple was to recommend storage solutions specific to the items they each had. In the long-run, this made “staying organized” so much easier for these two!

We recommended velvet hangers for the bedroom closet to avoid hanger bulges on certain tops and sweater boxes for the upper closet shelves. The sweater boxes held their delicate sweaters, polo shirts and pants that needed to be folded but couldn’t fit in their dresser drawers. We also recommended an over-the-toilet storage furniture piece that housed toiletries and gave the bathroom a beautiful finish. Under the bathroom sink you will see a pull-out drawer organizer that neatly houses their personal care items and makes it easy to remember where to put things back to. Lastly, in the kitchen we recommended two Lazy Susan’s to organize their spices and make it easy to find them while cooking as well as another pull-out drawer organizer for cleaning products under the kitchen sink. They loved it!

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