Plant-Loving Feng Shui Doctor Move-In

Madison, New Jersey

October 24, 2020
Centre table with chairs and indoor plants in a room
This busy doctor practices Feng Shui and needed us to adapt our unpacking and organizing style to align with her lifestyle.

This client practices feng shui which is the chinese tradition of arranging pieces in your living space in order to create balance with the natural world. That meant (for one) that her bed had to face a specific direction in her bedroom. And two, her plants needed to be in certain placements . Lastly, her office had to be organized in a specific way to flow with nature, abundance and health instead of against it. For instance, her bed had to face the bedroom door without being directly in front of it. This left less room for us to optimize the space for storage. However, we were able to work around these little nuances for an outcome that she loved!

Unpacking from a previously messy home

One of the main obstacles with this job was that our clients' things were not categorized before they were packed so we had to separate the most simple items while following the feng shui guidelines in order to create some order in the home. 

When it was all said and done, this unpacking job took a total of seven, 8-hour sessions to complete the entire house including the master bedroom, nursery, kitchen, basement, 2 bathrooms, and an outdoor space. It was a challenge that we truly enjoyed taking on and we are proud to say that it was a success.

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