Modern 1-Bedroom NYC Apartment Gets a Closet Makeover

Tribeca, New York

May 15, 2021

Our client and her boyfriend reached out to us after having moved into their apartment just a few days prior. The young couple had unpacked all of their boxes and placed their items in the areas that they saw fit, but were struggling with how to exactly utilize the space in their walk-in closet. When we arrived at this job, the couple was surprised to see how many boxes of storage products we had with us that we had picked up from The Container Store--but they were excited to see how everything would turn out.

Maximizing Space in a Large Closet

The couple had A LOT of shoes, ranging from everyday casual to business shoes. To make everything fit functionally and neatly, we utilized the spacious top area of the closet for three shoe racks that would house about half of their shoes. While this may seem like an unconventional spot for shoes, it is what ended up working best for this space, and our client loved the idea. It helped that her boyfriend was very enthusiastic about the whole process as well! We love it when our clients get involved, ask questions, and even make suggestions while we work.

Shoe racks were a big part of this entire project. In addition to the existing ones, we installed one for her shoes in the lower right corner of the closet, as well as a separate one in the coat closet to house more sneakers. Going into this project, we did not have a clear picture of how many pairs of shoes and articles of clothing the couple had. Making sure we brought extra shoe racks and hangers ended up being very important for the success of this job.

Another important aspect of this project was the sorting, categorizing, and color-coding of all the clothes that ended up being hung. Not only does this make for a beautiful “After” photo, but it also helps our clients access and identify specific pieces of clothing. We made sure the final look of the closet was as precise as possible by ensuring that all clothes were hung on the same type of hanger-- you would be surprised at the difference it makes!

We utilized the extra closet space underneath the hanging clothes for storing folded garments in three drawer units that we recommended. These units housed all of the extra clothes that were not able to fit in the couples' dresser drawers. For our client’s boyfriend, this ended up being the place where we stored his sweats, shorts, t-shirts, and workout clothes.

By our client agreeing to purchase all of the storage solutions that we recommended for this project, we were able to give her and her partner the exact results they were looking for. They were blown away at the results and we exceeded their expectations. This goes to show the importance of consultation photos - if you give us a clear picture of your space and everything in it before we step foot in your home, we can recommend the perfect storage solutions that will give your space exactly what it needs!

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