Pandemic Proof Packing & Unpacking Job

New York, NY

January 6, 2021
Room with chairs and cupboard
This brilliant techy woman decided to move during the pandemic when NYC rent prices were at an all time low. The result--her dream place!

We unpacked this client into her new place just 6 months back, in April 2020. That place was tiny but cozy. A few months later, she decided to move because she was having issues with getting her landlords to take care of the repairs and NYC rent was at an all time low. We were able to get her packed in 1 day and unpacked in just 2 days with our amazing team and the perfect storage solutions!

Moving in an organized way

She used a moving company to pack her things last time and seemed to have had some issues. So, this time she had us do the packing and the unpacking to avoid items getting lost, broken, and damaged. We ensured that every fragile item was protected before packing it and we didn’t use an excessive amount of packing paper. For us, it’s all about packing in an organized and mindful way!

The result made unpacking and setting up her new place so much smoother. Of course with our plan-of-action in-hand and all the storage solutions we needed already set up, we had everything we needed to execute the unpacking smoothly. Leaving our client all set up and ready to work and lounge in her new pandemic-proof NYC abode!

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