TV Producer’s Perfectly Organized NYC Move

New York, NY

December 14, 2020
Organized Glass Rack with Food Items
This brilliant TV producer was looking for the most efficient move she had ever had! And you guessed it--she got it!

This client was looking for an easy transition to her new place. She works crazy hours as a TV producer and didn’t have the time or stress capacity to take on one-more-thing. So, we handled the entire move from A t Z, except for one thing and we’ll tell you why.

Setting up a new apartment

One of the main things our client expressed to us during the discovery call was that everytime she moves, she has a hard time knowing how to set up her new space. Plus she can never make a decision on what kind of storage solutions to get to make sure everything she owns packs away neatly. So, we got to explaining.

Every apartment is unique. Although her new place was a 1 bedroom apartment like her old place--it was a little bigger than the old one. That means that depending on the shape of her floorplan, that would drastically change how we set things up. Sophia took a few close looks at the pictures our client sent over of her new place versus her old place. Not too long after, she received a vision on how to best use the space. Based on that vision, we did need a few things. The storage solutions we recommended were a shoe rack, a purse organizer, a closet storage drawer, a wine rack, a bathroom caddy and a bathroom storage cabinet. The only thing we had her do was to order the storage solutions so they could ship directly to her and she would have a record of the order in her order history. 

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