Fitness Instructor in Native American Oasis

Forest Hills, NY

February 12, 2020
Chair and Lamp in a Drawing Room
This busy fitness trainer needed a place to retreat to after work that was designed for her passions and wasn’t packed with clutter.

Our client is a bodybuilder/fitness instructor and a professional home body. So, she wanted her living room to be partitioned into several little nooks to fit her passions while keeping the open concept. When we arrived, there were things everywhere. Nothing had a home and there was no designated space for her to workout. Not to mention, the reading nook was overthrown with clothes that needed to be put away. So, we got to work!

Furniture Staging for a Cleaner Look

One of the things we did to turn this space around was to stage her furniture. She loves working out, lounging and watching tv. Plus she’s an avid reader and wine connoisseur, of which she loves doing both of those by the living room window. So, we made a space for each of those passions!

We created separation of space between the reading nook and the tv area by placing her wine rack behind the sectional. The two Native American chairs were perfectly placed under her reading light to encourage reading, chatting with friends and even watching tv from afar. The home gym was set up in the dining room with a huge mirror facing the peloton. The result was nothing short of amazing! 

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